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Stay tuned for workshops at Pilot Works in Newark, NJ

Starting the end of May and June, Esther will be teaching seminars about the in's and out's to starting your own food product.

Join Esther to learn about key topics to jump start your food and beverage idea. These workshops are perfect for anyone, regardless of what business stage you are in. Take the opportunity to gain insights and ideas that you can apply and adapt to your branding and sales strategies, as well as understanding your numbers, cost of goods, and built up sales assumptions. 

Some key concepts discussed include: 

  • Creating Your Brand - Learn how to strategically craft a product and brand with appeal to retail buyers, distributors, and end consumers
  • Practical, Tactical and Strategic Product - The ins and outs of packaging a product in a certain format from advertising to ease of use for the consumer
  • Cost of Goods - Learn how choices can drive the cost of goods number up or down. 
  • Margins  - How do you figure out your margins, creating room for marketing and promotional costs. 
  • Sales Pipeline - Develop realistic sales expectations for your product category, learn how you can maximize sales by understanding the impact promotional spending has on your product.


There will be more details to come!

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